I always hear complaints about how the city is doing it all wrong? Yesterday some people were complaining that we didn’t do a good job plowing the roads. I drove around after 6 PM and from 40th to 16th and Nob Hill to Summitview and everything looked good to me.

As for today's snow efforts we have been busy applying deicer/sand/salt mix to work against the freezing rain.

We have called in the 6 contractors on our list for snow removal to begin plowing residential streets. This effort will start in the west and work east.  We may also be utilizing water and wastewater equipment and crews to assist.

Snow will be continuing this afternoon and evening, and we will be plowing arterials and collectors again very soon.  As we are getting through all of those in a 12 hour cycle, the downtown will probably not be cleared tonight, with the exception of Yakima Avenue and MLK/Lincoln, which will be plowed. We are doing our best with the resources that we have. If you have questions or concerns call my office at 509-575-6050.  –Mayor Micah Cawley