I love to pick out certain songs that I think fit all my friends and remind me of them.

I do a lot of driving, since I drive kids everywhere! While spending so much time in the car I come up with songs for each of my friends and was thinking what song fits for Rik and Cefus?

For Rik it would have to be The Offspring, "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" or the other song that reminds me of him is Weird Al, "White And Nerdy" because he is such a comic book and super hero freak!

For Cefus it is Brad Paisley, "I'm Still A Guy" or the song from Aloe Blacc, "The Man" because is in his mind he thinks he's the man!

My girlfriend Reesa was once told, "It's not always about you Reesa!" Which is totally hilarious because she is such a giving person and doesn't like to be in the spotlight. The song that reminds me of her is Toby Keith, "I Wanna Talk About Me" because of the hilarity of the situation.

What song reminds you of Rik, Michele and Cefus?