Most of us are feeling festive and in the holiday spirit and that means spreading some holiday cheer. I had know idea I was supposed to tip all different kinds of people this holiday season. Tips are not mandatory and the whole point of this is to let some of the special people who serve you all year long know that they mean something to you outside of what they are paid to do.

Step one is to make a list of who you would like to thank this holiday season. Step two is to create a realistic budget of what you can afford. If you don't have the money a nice hand written thank you card will do. Then deliver in person, preferably when you come in contact with this person in the next week. Here are a few ideas of who you might want to tip.

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Cable guy: He works is butt off in the freezing cold temperatures so you can watch your favorite shows. Warm coffee or cold beer would suffice or anything comparable in value.

Manicurist: $20 to $40

Hair stylist: $50 to $100 or a gift

Barber: Up to the cost of one haircut or a gift

Personal trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift

Housekeeper: Up to the cost of one visit

Teacher: A gift card or gift certificate for up to $25, or pitch in with some of the other parents and buy a more expensive gift

Day care provider: $20 to $50 each, plus a small gift from your child

Babysitter: An evening's pay, plus a gift from your child

Massage therapist:
Up to the cost of one session or a gift

Mail carrier or UPS/Fed Ex Driver: Small gift or up to $20 cash

Newspaper carrier: $10 to $30

Refuse worker: $10 to $30

Yard or garden worker: $20 to $50 or a gift card

Handyman: $15 to $50 or a gift card

Pet groomer:
Up to the cost of one session or a gift

Did I leave anyone off the list?