Here's something we never realized was TEARING THE COUNTRY APART.  Apparently, America is deeply divided on how to pronounce "caramel."

According to a new survey, 57% of Americans pronounce it "car-a-mel" . . . with the most "car-a-mel" supporters in the southern Atlantic and East Coast regions.

43% pronounce it "car-mel" . . . with the strongest supporters in the Midwest and the West Coast.

For what it's worth, Webster's lists both pronunciations as correct . . . but, if it's worth anything, they have "car-mel" first.

On the flip side, a book called "The International Menu Speller" that's regarded as an authority on food pronunciations says "car-a-mel" is correct.  But they also say buffet is pronounced "boo-fay" which sure sounds wrong to me.