Season 6 of True Blood starts on June 16th on HBO and I can't wait!

I'm a little worried about the rumors I'm reading on the Internet. The buzz is that episode 6 is possibly the true death for Eric. Episode 7 is titled 'The Funeral.'

To add fuel to the fire the official True Blood Facebook page posted this picture yesterday with the words, No one lives forever. It's difficult to tell who the picture is, which left everyone on Facebook guessing. Is it Bill or Eric?

Alexander Skarsgard has said in interviews that he probably has about 2 years left on True Blood. I think those interviews are a year or two old.

I understand that he probably wants to move on to other things and I love seeing him in movies. I'll watch anything with Alexandar in it! If he dies the true death on True Blood I will be horribly sad and the show just won't be the same without him.

What do you think about the picture? Is it Bill or Eric?