A high school senior named, Maya Behn is petitioning the Halloween Costume Store 'Party City' to carry more costumes that are non sexy.

She's not asking for the store to stop selling sexy costumes. She just wants them to offer more costumes for women that are not sexual. Give them more options.

An example Maya gives is the super hero costumes. There are no popular superhero costumes that are not skin tight, high hemmed, and/or with low necklines. Comic book heroes are notoriously underdressed or clothed in latex, but even then, you can see their muscles. The men's costumes have padded muscles for the costume illusions. The women's costumes just have short shirts.

There's no reason women can't wear a Batman costume with pants and muscles.

As a mom of a seven year old I noticed that some of the costumes for her age seem to be a little too sexy.

What do you think of this girls petition? Do you agree?