So far I've done a pretty good job of skirting around saying my weight.

Yesterday we did one of those "would you rather" questions? The question was would you rather reveal your weight or your income? Most men would rather reveal their weight then income, which is totally understandable since most men are the bread winners. Most women would rather reveal their income then their weight. I'm right there with them!

I don't know what it is about revealing my weight, but I just haven't wanted to say it. I used to be super skinny growing up and stayed skinny after having my first 2 kids. As I've gotten older and given birth 2 more times it seems like my metabolism has slowed way down. I don't just stay skinny anymore?

I finally decided to start getting healthy and lose some weight. Thanks to Tanner and the Yakima Athletic Club I'm staying on track. Even having lost 11 pounds I still don't want to say my weight. I know it's all psychological and no matter what weight I am it should be no big deal.