If your a single girl looking to hook a great guy. Guess what a single girl's best kept secret is ... divorced men!

Here are the reasons why -

He believes in serious long term commitments.
He may have gotten divorced the first time, but he was married and that proves he can commit.

The bedroom "stuff" is awesome!
Married couples have less activity in the bedroom than those who aren't married. If that was the case in his past relationship than just think how ready to go he will be!

He gets it.
He understands the ups and downs of a relationship. The petty arguments and the struggles of relationships.

Instant Family
If you LOVE kids and babies then you hit the jackpot!

He's housebroken.
Basically another woman has taught him to put the toilet seat down and call when he's going to be late.

He has his ducks in a row.
He had to do some soul searching after his failed marriage because of this he knows who he is and what he wants.

He's learned from his mistakes.
With every failed relationship lessons are almost always learned.

So just because a guy has a failed marriage don't throw away the chance to experience the love of your life!