Last night during other business the Yakima City Council voted 5-1 to put a 1/10 of a cent sales tax to Yakima voters and urge Selah and Union Gap to do the same. The charge being led by City Council Member Dave Edler to make one last effort to convince the team to stay in Yakima.  The funding option proposed would require a majority of voters in Yakima, Selah and Union Gap to approve a tax increase.  Council member Edler said "Are we going to sit back and let the Bears silently leave Yakima?"  Council member Ensey was the lone no vote, saying he could not support a tax increase for a private business.  The Council then entertained a motion and held discussion on the matter.  It's unclear if the Bears will be receptive to the offer, but the Council left optimistic.  Time will tell if this last ditch effort pays off and step one is convincing the Selah and Union Gap City Councils to put the same measure forward. Please leave us your comments below and we will keep you posted.