This is what happens when the City Council, The City Manager, The Police Chief and Police Union all work together. Fighting Crime and Public Safety is our number 1 priority, and that is exactly what is being done with this new take home vehicle program.

The YPPA which is the Yakima Police Patrolman's Association has offered two years of zero percent pay increases in exchange for take home vehicles. You have to ask yourself why this is a good deal for you the taxpayer. Here's what it amounts to for you. An increased police presence and a savings in long term labor costs in the police department.

The new police vehicles are starting to show up just in time to make a difference this holiday season.

The criminals don't know if the police officer is on duty or running an errand, and even in the event they are running an errand they still have to carry their badge and gun and vest. They are ready to intervene in any sort of crime in progress and most likely deter one from happening. Be on the look out for more police vehicles and a safer Yakima as a result.