When I checked our mail the other day I found this letter. It had no return address and was just addressed to Residents. I thought it was one of those chain letters.

I opened it and found to my surprise it was a letter in regards to our yellow lab who is tied up in the yard. The letter was about how it's cruel to tie up a dog. I understand the concern for animals, but if your going to write a letter like this then you better have the courage to put your name and a return address on it. You know that I would be knocking on their door!!

You don't know the situation and why don't you include solutions to the problem. It would be great if I had $5,000 to $10,000 to build a fence.

We have tried the wireless fence, but it doesn't work. She just ran right through it! We can't let her wander around because she has killed a small dog and I'm pretty sure she would kill a cat if she got a hold of one. We can't re-home her because she is a liability. The vet said our only other option was to put her down and I'm not about to do that!