We all deal with stress differently. This is how I deal ... and I totally recommend it.

Zizly's De-Stress Regimen:

  1. Facial Mask - this could be store-bought, or homemade. THIS is a cool guide on how to make your own. Last night I tried a facial mask my roomie gave me, and I looked pretty scary ... but no one said de-stressing had to look pretty!
Credit: TSM Boise / Zizly

2. Nail Polish - I LOVE to do my nails, it's one of my creative outlets and a way to let my mind space out for a bit. If you want to go a step further give yourself a manicure. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but here are some things you could get to make that mani awesome. Guys, if you've never gotten a mani, don't knock it till you try it -- seriously one of the most relaxing things ever.

3. Animated Movie: I LOVE LOVE LOVE animated movies ... it's almost obsessive. So, when I just need to chill and not think, I turn to the toons! My choice last night? A classic: "The Lion King" ... and yes, I sing along to all the songs.

Credit: TSM Boise / Zizly