There is always a lottery going on and as of January 9th the Power-ball jackpot has soared to the record high for any lottery. 1.3 Billion dollars. I don't think I have ever even thought that high as far as that kind of money is concerned. I have a list of things that I would  do before and after the lottery numbers our announced.The first thing that everyone should do is sign the back of your ticket. Name, address, phone number and your actual signature. This will ensure that if you do win the Power-ball on Wednesday, no one can rip you off.

The second most important thing that I would do and anyone should do is remain anonymous. The State of Washington will let you so thank God for that. I have watch others win and the first thing that most people do is ask to borrow money.  Have a list of people that I am going to give money to right off the bat. I also have a list of people, that If I win the lotto, I would give money to and only if they respond to what I want. I wouldn't tell them. I would just have a bag of money set aside, call them and tell them I need their help. It would be in the wee hours of the morning. If they respond without question then they get their bag.

The third thing would be to get  tax advisory right away, before actually claiming the ticket.  You have a choice and how you claim your prize money.  You can get payments that span over 30 years or you can take the cash option. I recommend the cash option. This is what I am going to do if I win.   You pay taxes immediately so you do not have to worry about it later. Also if I die, my family will already be taken care of and I will have my funeral costs out of the way.

The fourth thing I would do is to avoid and sudden and quick life changes.  If I win for the first six months, I would just sit on that money. I would do nothing drastic. I would pay all my debts off and just wait.

The fifth thing that I would do is get legal advice and  financial advisory.  My brother would be the best choice plus, I won't kill him if he uses the money. I would not ever trust a stranger with my finances.

The sixth thing I would do is put my money in a safe but, short term investments. I would wait another year and then split it in half going to stocks and fixed income bonds. Smart move if I do say  so myself.

The seventh thing I would do is set myself a budget and live there for the next five years. Again, blowing the money right away will just leave you in peril if you find yourself broke again.

The eighth thing I would do is make a list of charity's that i would want to donate to. I would just give them the money though, I would plan events for the charity's so other people would get involved. That way each charity will profit even more not just from me, but other folks too.

The ninth thing that I would do is plan my estate. I would make sure each year, that my family will be taken care of when I am gone. I would make sure that there are stipulations on each so they are not stupid either --  Money they cannot touch until they are 30, 40, 50 and then at retirement.

The tenth thing I would do would be after 2 years is to quite my job and live happily ever after.  I would keep my job for two years. Every dime that I make from my job would be put in a trust fund for disabled vets. They would get it all after the second year.

OK, aside from all of that and considering how many years I hope to have left then even dividing it, subtracting and multiplying, I could still spend $250 thousand dollars a day for the next forty years and still have some left over. So my sound advice is for any lottery. But if you win the 1.3 billion dollars don't take my advice, go have some damn fun! HA

Hope somebody we know wins the lotto and I hope we never find out about it. HA The next Power-ball drawing is on Wednesday January 13th. My lucky number so I hope that helps.





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