Just a little over three weeks in to 2021 and we already have our first event casualty in the Yakima Valley for 2021.

I really used to like this song by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Queen, but this broken record is REALLY getting old...

In an announcement via their official Facebook page, SCDA (Selah Community Days Association) Board President, Barb Petrea, made the declaration that the event for 2021 has been shelved for this year with a promise to return in 2022.

Mrs. Petrea goes to painstaking lengths to explain the current situation that many municipalities in Washington State, and around the country, that most-definitely hamstring organizers of these kind of community gatherings. Frankly, you can almost hear her disappointment when reading her explanation (see: below).

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that the Selah Community Days Association (SCDA) announces the cancellation of...

Posted by Selah Community Days on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The reactions to the announcement are predictable -- much disappointment, of course -- but everyone seems to be generally understanding and supportive of the decision.


Probably much like you, I am pretty worn-out from hearing news like this. Selah Community Days is hardly an event that can be held virtually on Zoom. Will we EVER get back to "normal"? Time will certainly tell. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the number of cancellations in 2021 are kept to a minimum, if possible. (Heck, I'm still smarting over Chinook Fest being cancelled last September!)

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