If you're one of those people constantly trying to find a way to better your community, you've come to the right place. We're looking at 3 amazing ways to give back to your community with stuff you already have.

Wether families are in need of food, clothing or helping support a non profit that can do some real good in the world. We have the info you need to help.

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Clothing donation

We all have those clothes that have been in our closet for about five years and we've probably worn twice in the last year. Make some closet space by getting a trash bag and filling the old clothes, then you can take it to any of these clothes donation drop off spots to donate to those in need.

Mission Thrift in Yakima 

Yakima Goodwill

Yakima Salvation Army 

Food Donation

Families are struggling all over the world due to covid 19 and government shutdowns. With everything opening back up and families struggling to get on their feet you can make a huge difference in their life by helping them put food on the table. Take those old canned foods that aren't being eaten in your cupboards or pantries and toss them in a box to donate, any other food you find you're not using and is not expired could change a lot of peoples lives when they're looking for their next meal, there's a lot of great places in Yakima. your an make your donation or even have it picked up like Great Northwest Harvest. To get in contact and have your donated food picked up follow the link below.

Northwest Harvest Yakima 

Non profit donations

If you know of a non profit or your looking for one to make donations to you could be helping the lives of many, those with children in need of hospitalization and treatments, animals in need of rescue and finding their forever home or even giving back to the veterans who served this country. To find the right non profit organization for you follow the links below.

Child Miracle Network Donations

Yakima Valley Humane Society

Wounded Warrior Project 

Yakima County Veterans. 

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