My 11-year old daughter, Willow, is having a sleepover this coming Friday night. Part of me is really looking forward to having one of her besties, Ray-Ray, in our home. But there are four (4) reasons that I am not! Maybe I'm just being grumpy for nothing.

1. The last time she was here for a sleepover, she and Willow had me cracking up laughing because they invented a game called "Karen vs. Karen." The literally followed each other around our tiny apartment yelling, "I want to speak to your manager!" When they got in MY face telling me they wanted to speak to MY manager, I told them, "I AM THE MANAGER!" That shut them up for a few seconds and then they retreated and went to go call each other a Karen in the kitchen.


2. I wish I had some better activities for them to do at their sleepover but coaxing me on a Friday night to get out of my comfy bed where I am watching Netflix is not in the cards for anybody! Especially not since the final season of Stranger Things comes out Friday AND I have been saving to watch the season finale of The Circle, PLUS the new Star Wars franchise show, Obi-Wan is being released on Disney Plus this weekend, too!


Do you have any good suggestions for fun (quieter) activities Willow and Ray-Ray can do? Please let me know!


3. They usually lay on the floor playing Roblox or Minecraft. I would like to encourage them to put the video games down and talk TO EACH OTHER, you know, like humans are supposed to do. We are social creatures, after all!


4. It will also be Memorial Day Weekend, so maybe I should tell the girls, "Let's play a fun new game called, 'Help Mama Clean Out the Patio!"

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