Dogs are super loving and affectionate animals that crave to be by your side every moment of the day. Well, cats are super loving and affectionate but they would rather you mind your business for a good part of the day. I grew up a dog person but after a few years of owning a cat, I've compiled a list of tips and tricks new cat owners and maybe even some old can benefit from.

All cat breeds are pretty different and some are a little more cuddly than others, but these tips and tricks can be used for any cat, especially if you're trying to befriend them. When I was a new cat owner I was lucky enough to have someone teach me all of this and now I'll pass it along to you.

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5.) Don't Stare at Your Cat

Staring contests between you and dog is hilarious especially when their heads tilt to the side waiting on your next word. However, cats aren't a fan of this. In the wild cats of all sizes stare down their prey while hunting so when you do it to a house cat they fear you're sizing them up. Instead, when you make eye contact do some slow and continuous blinks, this shows your kitty you're relaxed and happy they're around. It's kind of like sign language for "I love you."



4.) Meowing Means They're Talking to You

Cats love to speak up and meow especially when they want your attention, actually it's only when they want the attention of a human. Cats only meow to get the attention of humans, they don't do this in the wild nor do they do it to communicate with other cats. Years of evolution from house cats have taught them communication let us know what they want or need.

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3.) Cats are Creatures of Habit.

Much like humans, cats need everyday routines to be happy. This means feeding them at the same time every day, just like how we eat lunch and dinner around set times cats need that kind of routine to keep them calm and relaxed. Playtime falls under this umbrella too, it helps them feel fulfilled and gives them their sense of hunting while using their natural instincts. This is even more so important for indoor cats who need to release that same energy and help them let out their natural urges.


2.) Invest in some Cat Toys

Cat toys are very important especially if you don't want your cat biting you to get your attention or to play. Cat toys help your cat settle their natural urges to hunt, the best kind of toys you can get are long feathers, sticks with strings that have a toy at the end, or anything that can slide across a floor. If you wanna see some serious cuteness get them some small fake mice, they'll roll around on the floor and even pick them up and dart around the house with it in their mouth. The cutest part is when you're getting ready for work and find them in your shoes.


1.) Don't Freak Out When They Wanna Hang out in The Bathroom

The first couple of times my cat yelled at the door because I was shut into the bathroom I thought he was having separation anxiety, even tho I was wrong I wasn't far off. When you imprint on your cat you become their best friend, and bathrooms happen to be their favorite places to hang out with you, not only is it a small secure space it has plenty of places for them to go and hang out, cats naturally hang out in their packs to stay safe and relax. A bathroom is like their little safe haven from the world with you, they almost think they're protecting you in a way. So don't be shocked when they find their way into the bathroom with you.


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