An emergency release has been sent out due to concern over the chronic homeless and other's encamped around Wapato due to the emergency shelter, Noah's Ark closing....due to need however the shelter has officially opened back-up this evening.

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Noah's Ark staff is working to help those in need and has been witnessing the growing number of homeless as the weather gets colder.

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If you are able to help the shelter is reaching out to the community for help with the main ask being blankets, especially for the encampments, those donated will be delivered by Noah's Ark Staff.

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Noah's Ark is also requesting; jackets, warm socks, shoes and other cold-weather clothing.

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Donations can be accepted at Noah's Ark Monday-Friday between 9 am and 3 pm. Donors can call 509-907-4209 or 509-907-1385 in advance so the staff can prepare for your donations. The address to Noah's Ark is 117 East Second Street in Wapato. As soon as your donation is dropped off the staff will work quickly to deliver it to the encampments.

Please take the time to go through what you have, that is not being used or while shopping, grab some supplies if you are able. When things are good, they are great but as they start to turn it can be hard to pick yourself back up. You have no idea the impact your donation will have, but it truly does help.

The Generating Hope Board of Directors and shelter staff are incredibly thankful to the community for the support given to the chronic homeless and emergency shelter.

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