Like the Luke Bryan song; "Most People Are Good"... there are good people out there.  Thursday night at the Chris Young concert, there was a gesture made that warmed the hearts of everyone who watched it happen.

Prior to the concert, we were giving out backstage passes to meet the artists performing that night.  We started with Morgan Evans, then Kane Brown and Chris Young.

When we finally made it to the Chris Young backstage meet & greet passes, the winner was a young lady and her mother.  The young lady, around 12 or 13 years old, was wearing a Kane Brown -shirt and was a Kane Brown super fan.  Obviously she would have rather met Kane Brown.  She wasn't making her wishes obvious.  She was just very quiet and appreciative of what she had won.  But we knew.  Everyone around knew.

The couple ahead of her, who had just won the Kane Brown passes were about to enter the SunDome.  We caught up with them and explained the situation.  They were more than willing to trade passes with her.  This gesture left the young lady in tears.  She now gets to meet her idol.  Everyone in line around that saw this happen thanked the couple.  It truly was a heartwarming thing to watch.

If you know this young lady, we'd love to catch up with her after all this!  Please drop me an email:


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