The Tacoma Rainiers, a AAA minor league baseball team, were down in Reno, Nev., a couple of days ago taking on the Reno Aces when a SKUNK ran behind a grounds crew gate and into center field. The game was delayed momentarily as the skunk ran onto and off the field. The grounds crew was unable to locate the skunk. Tacoma ended up winning the game 10-6.


This story was the inspiration behind the call for "skunk horror stories" on the morning show today. What run ins, incidents, etc, have you ever had with a skunk?

Frank called in from Yakima and shared a story of how he had picked up a baby skunk on the side of the road because he wanted it for a pet. He said he was told baby skunks don't spray. He was told wrong, the skunk sprayed his entire body. I'm assuming he planned to remove the spray thing out of the skunk? He hung up before I could ask the question.

Karen called from Yakima and shared a story from when she was a kid. She heard her dog crying and opened the back door. Her dog ran in -- along with a skunk. The skunk had already sprayed the dog. She says they got the skunk out and went to school. She and her siblings were sent home because they smelled and were considered a hazard.


Have you ever had an incident with a skunk?  I'd love to hear your story. Hit me up on my social media!  Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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