Alex Miller has officially released the song that set him on his American Idol path. "I'm Over You So Get Over Me" is the traditional country swinger he auditioned with. Appropriately, it's his first bow as a professional recording artist.

Miller says he wrote "I"m Over You So Get Over Me" about an ex-girlfriend. The Hank Williams-esque simplicity to his style and statement is well beyond his years at age 17, but this deceptively cruel disposal of love was written in time for him to perform it at a middle school talent show.

"I'm tired of this misery / I wanna be single and I wanna be free," Miller sings during a rollercoaster of a second verse that showcases his range. "Cause I'm over you / Get over me." Steel guitar helps carry this barely two-minute-long throwback.

Listen to Alex Miller, "I'm Over You So Get Over Me":

This song doubles down on traditional country music, again. During his short time on American Idol, judge Luke Bryan praised Miller, but urged him to step outside of his comfort zone. A cover of Merle Haggard's "Silver Wings" left the star visibly disappointed, and that was a wrap for the Kentucky native. He will get a chance to take his song to the Grand Ole Opry, however. The to-be-announced date fulfills a promise Bryan made as Miller auditioned.

Miller only shared a few short details about the song in releasing it. It's not clear how quickly he'll produce more new music, or if a larger project is imminent. Season 19 of American Idol continues on Sunday (April 11).

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