I've been a radio broadcaster since I was 18, working my way up the ladder in the broadcasting world so my knowledge of what other people earn in Yakima hasn't been something I'd readily know.

I was doing research on another article and it occurred to me that may be I wasn't the only interested in how my current salary stacks up against the national average. I soon discovered that my salary in Yakima is under the average nationwide for Radio Broadcasters.

It did get me interested enough to dig in further on how other Yakima salaries stack up against their national averages.

I did find a website that does all the comparison for you so jump in and take a look.

The good news is that I did find a few salaries above the national average.

Those in Yakima with above average salaries were Substitute Teachers at $62,000 compared to the national average of $48,000.

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Farmers and Ranches in Yakima were a smidge higher than the national average and Credit Analysts are doing well in Yakima.

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Check it out for yourself at Check My Salary --- I think you will be disappointed, pleasantly surprised or happy with the results of your salary in Yakima.

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