An arrest has been made in a shooting reported Sunday in Yakima.

Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says detectives worked through Sunday night and into Monday morning help identify the person and make an arrest.

The person arrested was wanted in connection to a shooting reported at about 5:20 pm Sunday, November 27. Authorities say three Officers with the Yakima Police Department were near the intersection of 3rd Street and Pacific Ave. An occupied pickup truck drove by the officers where one of the people in the car displayed a firearm, pointing it at officers.

Even though the Officers fired no one was injured

In response, Officers fired shots at the vehicle and the armed suspect. The press release says the vehicle fled west bound towards North 1st street eluding police. The suspect is not believed to have been injured during the incident. His identity is unknown at this time. No officers were injured during the incident. The identity of the Officers has not been released. "The investigation is being conducted by the Yakima Valley Special Investigative Unit, a team of supervisors, investigators, crime scene investigators and evidence technicians from various Yakima County law enforcement agencies and Washington State Patrol."

The unit investigates anytime an Officer is involved in a shooting

YVSIU responds to and provides independent investigations of police use of force incidents. The team includes civilian community members who observe the criminal investigation and related processes, per the Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (LETSCA). When the YVSIU investigation is complete, the results will be forwarded to the Yakima County Prosecutors Office for review. Anyone with information related to this incident are asked to contact the YVSIU members below.

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