Have you noticed that the bathroom water always tastes better than the kitchen sink water? Why is that?

Well, that's not what we here talking about today.

There was a study recently looking at the different tap water from around Washington state in hopes to find the best.

When I first heard this my mind went straight to Tumwater, Washington. I mean, the word water is already in the name, how could it not?

Clean water straight from Mt. Rainier, that's gotta be the best, right?
Or if not Tumwater maybe a bigger city near it like Olympia, Washington's capitol city.

As it turns out, the best drinking tap water in Washington state isn't anywhere near Olympia but found in Eastern Washington of all places.

What city has the best drinking tap water in Washington State?

According to ITAMG the best drinking water in Washington is found in Spokane. Not bad.

Spokane sources its tap water from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Residents and visitors commonly regard the water quality as excellent and safe for drinking.

Good to know. I mean, I'm in Spokane all the time and never thought about it or complained about it on my side if I take a quick glass of water from the hotel sink or something.

I supposed if I were to notice it like I do in many places when I travel it'd be worth mentioning.

However, if you find yourself in Detroit, best to grab bottled water as they were ranked with the worst drinkable tap water in the United States followed by New York City and New Orleans.

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