There was a time when fruit juice boxes seemed to have ruled your childhood. There was a time a little before Capri Sun was an option and they didn't have those squeezable flavored water bottles like Kool-Aid or Squeezits (remember those?) where one of the main options for individual options were these little boxes. Of course, they still exist and you might even see stuff like this in your kids' Happy Meals but it seemed in the '80s if you had your own juice, it came in one of these boxes. Hi-C may have been the most popular but a favorite of mine was one called Five Alive. It was a mix of 5 different flavors in an flavor-bursting package.

It was a memory that was unlocked about a year when I was watching an old movie or something that feature it in the background. Doing some research, it no longer exists in the United States but, as it turns out, it's still alive and well in Canada. And available for order.

Five Alive features 5 different flavors in the same box and it now features a few different varieties. I only remember the original but I'm always down for more options.

Though you pay a premium to ship from Canada, It is available from Amazon. I know, I'm a grown dude in my 40s and I still love this stuff. I'm glad it comes in this size, too, as not to encourage me to drink an entire bottle in one sitting, which I totally would.


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