A murder investigation is underway after a body was discovered in a Wapato orchard on Monday. According to the Yakima County Sheriffs' Office Deputies were called to the orchard in the 1000 block of Ragan Road after someone discovered the body.

Deputies found the person had wounds and deemed it a homicide

When Deputies arrived they found the person had suffered wounds that may have caused the person's death and determined it was homicide. Detectives and the crime scene investigator documented and processed the scene on Monday. Authorities are now trying to identify the person and determine who the person was with or where the person was last seen before being killed. Deputies aren't saying if they believe the person was killed in the orchard or if the body was dumped in the area. Sheriff's officials say they'll release the name of the victim after an autopsy. If anyone has any information regarding the homicide contact Det. Sergio Reyna at (509) 574-2567 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

A fatal stabbing reported last Friday

Detectives from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office are still working with Yakama Nation Tribal Police after a fatal stabbing in White Swan on Friday night. The man killed has been identified as 38-year-old Julius Hill of Wapato. Authorities say Hill died after being stabbed while he was in the 200 block of Second Street. Authorities aren't saying what lead to the shooting...and no arrest has been made.

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