After taking a break from songwriting, Brett Young is ready to get back in the studio.

With five consecutive No. 1 singles under his belt, Young decided to take a step back from the music industry after his November 2018 wedding to wife Taylor, in order to spend his days off from touring focusing on her and their growing family (the couple is expecting a daughter in early fall).

However, the country hitmaker recently reconnected with his songwriting itch, and is actively working on new music. "The pent-up songwriting energy was definitely there, because there's tons of songs coming out," he tells Taste of Country.

Sonically, the upcoming material will stay in line with the vibe he established on his self-titled debut album and 2018 follow-up Ticket to L.A., with Dan Huff continuing to serve as producer. While Young may explore new topics through songwriting as his story continues to evolve, he's staying loyal to his model of writing songs that reflect his life.

"The songwriting is going to change as my life changes, I don't know how to write about something that I'm not actually going through," he explains. "My songwriting, I always say it has a very low ceiling and a very hard floor, I don't stretch too far outside, and I think that again goes back to authenticity. I think it wouldn't be an authentic Brett Young record if I tried to do something that wasn't in my vein."

Still in the preliminary stages of the creative process, the breakout star reveals that he's open to the idea of straying from the "traditional schedule" of releasing a packaged group of songs. Instead, he's eager to get in the studio and start producing these new works with the mindset of sharing them when the time is right. "It's kind of the Wild West now a days with content, you can release anything anytime," he says. "I know there's some new music that I'm really excited about and so if there's an opportunity to put things out early, we might go there."

Young recently released The Acoustic Sessions EP featuring five reimagined songs off Ticket to L.A. 

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