Brett's Barn is a passion project for Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, but its impact expands far beyond the property lines of their Tennessee farm.

Bryan and his wife launched Brett's Barn in February of 2017 in memory of their infant niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, who died when she was just seven months old. Since then, they've taken in a pony, a pair of alpacas, two kangaroos and several other comfort animals in an effort to build a therapy center for children who have various illness, as well as their families — a place to enjoy animals, have some fun and just relax.

"Caroline loves it. It's just been really amazing watching my wife really enjoy doing this," Bryan tells Taste of County and other media.

The mission is still growing, and though Brett's Barn has already made an impact on many children, Bryan is probably affected most.

"We all can imagine what parents go through and even the siblings, when they have a sick sibling. It's really special watching some of the kids come in, and even the parents," he says. "Brett's Barn is continuing to morph into something pretty amazing. We've got some really fun stuff in the horizon that we've been working really hard on to get going." 

The Bryans have partnered with Vanderbilt Pediatrics to help raise money for Nashville's Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital, where Brett received treatment. It's all part of the singer's mission to help others, and he views his charity work as a meaningful and necessary extension of his role as an entertainer. In addition to Brett's Barn, Bryan often hosts Make-A-Wish recipients at his concerts and awards them the last spot in his meet-and-greet line to ensure he gets to spend quality time with them. He says these humbling moments make him a more grounded person.

"It never fails that it's been a day that I've been complaining ... or I'm just wore down and I'm tired and having those moments where I'm being a prima donna," Bryan admits, "Then next thing you know I have a Make-A-Wish kid and it always seems to just make me go, 'You know what, understand how good you have it.'"

The "Huntin' and Fishin'" hitmaker and his wife also work closely with the Brett Boyer Foundation, which was founded by Brett's parents (Caroline's brother and sister-in-law) to give money back to Vanderbilt's pediatric center. Bryan says that every year, one of the doctors puts together a video of all the children who have received a heart transplant because of their donation. "It freaks you out," Bryan admits. "It's a big thing about what it's all about in my opinion, so we enjoy the opportunity."

"We're overly blessed."

Bryan closes out the 2018 What Makes You Country XL Tour on Friday (Oct. 26) in Detroit. On Oct. 20, the Bryans hosted another fundraiser for Brett's Barn, a closed-to-the-public event called Red Bird Games. They hope it will become an annual event.

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