I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and realized this is a pretty clever way to make sure if your cat or kitten gets lost, they can find their way home.

It's really inexpensive and hopefully if your pet ever gets lost, this will help get them back to you as soon as possible.

It's called the Kitty Convict Program and it's actually a pretty ingenious idea to help get your pets back home if they get lost. The Kitty Convict Program recommends bright orange collars signifying that your cat or kitten is a lost cat and not a stray.

The statistics are crazy on lost cats, only 5% are found and returned home compared to the 26% of dogs that eventually find their way home. The Kitty Convict Program is recommending owners to put bright orange collars with contact information on your felines.

They also have a great website where you can purchase the collars as well but their true mission is education about lost cats and trying to get that 5% return rate up.

You can check out more details on their website here 

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