As people get more and more health concious, more companies are helping people make choices in what they put in their mouth. From fast food restaurants to candy bars to most food on store shelves, you'll find calorie counts on just about anything. The latest one comes from an industry I thought I'd never see and maybe be a new trend for all brewers in the near future.

USA Today reported that some beers including Bud Light, Miller Lite and Corona were going to start adding nutrition information on their beers. Interesting to note that those beers are already on the light side. I'd be curious to see the calorie count on some of those darker, more involved beers like a porter or an IPA.

It's also a smart move to use Bud Light, who will start posting nutrition facts in February, because it doesn't have nearly as many calories as one might think compared to other products on store shelves.

To be fair, beer does not need to include these facts isn't required by law as it is for snacks and soda.

But by playing nice and doing it anyways, if someone knows what they're getting into compared to the other guys, it may help boost their sales. We'll see if it plays out.

You can read more at USA Today's website.

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