Kip Moore had no problem working on a Thursday night at the Toyota Arena in Kennewick. He brought along country newcomer Canaan Smith, who I have a funny story about later.

Kip kicked off the show with "Wild Ones," which was fitting for a Thursday night. He also covered Tom Petty's "Free Falling" and told an incredible story about moving to Nashville.

He also talked about his first meeting in Nashville with a big-time producer. This major producer basically told Kip that he looked like a bum and his lyrics were too edgy for country music and they wouldn't play them on the radio. Kip says the man asked him to "soften" the words and melodies to his songs so they flowed more smoothly. He also said Kip should put on a slick shirt and nice pair of pants.

"I thought about it for five seconds, got up and left and told the producer I'll see you down the line," Kip says. Seems to have paid off for the small-town Georgia singer/songwriter.

Back to Canaan Smith, who put on a great opening set and seemed to be having fun on the road opening for Kip, got hungry after the show. He happened to show up at the KFC/Taco Bell across from the arena where we were having dinner as well.

Michele went to use the restroom while the rest of our group ordered, and while she was in the bathroom Canaan Smith and his entire band and crew came rolling in. They ordered right away and Michele got in line behind them. So it was kind of funny that Michele had to wait while they called out around nine orders ahead of hers.

All in all, a great night. And it was a ton of fun to see some of our awesome listeners like Lucas and his friends.

Kip continues his tour this weekend with shows in Portland tonight and Seattle on Saturday.