Being overwhelmed and unable to cope with stress is now able to be diagnosed by doctors, and they can now prescribe medication accordingly-- please standby while I grab my soapbox.

First of all, can we please stop giving people excuses to be medicated-- not everything needs a pill. Secondly, why do we continue to allow people to not be able to cope and deal with normal stresses?

Now, as a person who battles anxiety I completely understand that it can be hard to deal with situations and life can sometimes become overwhelming. However, as a functioning adult, I have learned that when I have an anxiety attack I need to be productive and something that takes my mind off the stress-- like the gym.

I think that if doctors can diagnose "Burn out", insurance companies should be covering the majority gym membership dues. If that happens, those who have burn out can naturally produce endorphins and work towards being fit mentally and physically. That makes more sense, right? Insurance companies will pay for and cover counseling & physical therapy-- things that give people the ability to rehabilitate into life mentally and physically. So why are we ruling out gym memberships for this very same reason?

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