The Executive Director of the Yakima Greenway says there's no plan to create more safety along the pathway after the accidental drowning of a 4-year-old Yakima boy. The body of Lucian Mungia was found in the Yakima River at Parker last week. He'd been missing since September 10. He was last seen by his father in the play area of Sarge Hubbard Park before he vanished and apparently fell into the river. The park is surrounded by bodies of water.

Some would like to see a fence or other barrier along the pathway

Greenway Executive Director Kelly Connaughton says while she understands why some people are calling for a fence between the river and the Greenway Path that's just not "realistic." She says there's a variety of reasons including the cost why a fence or other barrier isn't something that's being considered. Connaughton says a barrier would cut off public access to the river and it likely would be destroyed at some point because of the way the changing river flows at all times of the year. She also asks where the barrier would begin if it was a consideration?

The only thing the Greenway can do is urge safety when around water

Connaughton says sadly people get in trouble around water all the time and unfortunately people, including children sometimes are injured or die. She says that's why they stress safety around the water and the need to always be vigilant especially when kids are around.
She says the Greenway will continue with safety messages but she says there's no plan on placing any kind of barrier between the Greenway pathway and the Yakima River.

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