Caroline Jones puts her free-spirited personality on full display in the music video for "The Difference," which is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country. The song is from her Bare Feet album.

Jones called on her friend Cody Walker — younger brother of late actor Paul Walker — to  play her love interest, and it's believable. The story begins in Key West, Fla., where Jones catches the eye of Walker on the beach, but expresses zero interest in his affections. When he later sees her speed off in a red Plymouth Fury, he hops into a Oldsmobile Pace Car that begins an epic car chase across three Southern states in order to win her over.

A nod to Paul Walker's legacy in the Fast and Furious franchise, the two race past the beaches in Florida, through Alabama, all the way up to the scenic Natchez Trace in Tennessee as Jones' bubbly song plays in the background.

"Doesn't do what I want when I want it / But he does what I need when I need it / Somehow that man he knows the difference," she sings over the banjo-heavy, pop-country melody as scenes of she and Walker speeding alongside each other on their 1,200 mile road trip play on.

Though their wild journey is at the center of the story, the elaborate production shines with the many other lively characters who make an appearance, including a group of dancing firefighters, an Elvis Presley impersonator and charming locals that dance with Jones on Beale Street. Though the video doesn't offer a clear ending — do the two finally catch up to each other? We hope so — Jones leaves fans with the indication that the story is just beginning. "To be continued" flashes on the screen in the final shot.

"I am overjoyed to share the 'The Difference (Goshdamn)' music video with fans and new eyes alike," Jones shares. "This video, conceptually and logistically, was a big undertaking and labor of love. It involved a lot of miles (South Florida to Nashville to Memphis), a lot of driving (in two badass vintage cars!), a lot of talented actors and extras (including my friend and leading man Cody Walker), and a lot of local heroes in the towns we shot. It is a video full of joy, fun and sass. It is the first chapter of a love story."

The up-and-coming Caroline Jones has caught the attention of some of the most prominent acts in country music. Look for her on the road as an opening act on Kenny Chesney's Songs for the Saints Tour and Zac Brown Band 's Owl Tour this year.

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