Carrie Underwood is a serious animal lover, rivaling only her fellow country blonde Miranda Lambert in terms of her dedication to and passion for four-legged creatures. The 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer shared an update on her pup Penny, who suffered an allergic reaction after eating ants.

"Attn. pet owners: make sure to have Benadryl handy in case your dog gets stung. This is miss Penny before and after. I mean, what dog eats ants?! She's fine now, but it made for a scary morning!" Underwood tweeted.

Poor Penny! It seems to have been a painful experience, not to mention gross. Maybe ants are a doggy delicacy?

Underwood shared a photo of the pooch's swollen snout and face, and even issued a warning to her fellow pet owners about keeping Benadryl on hand to help combat the affects of being nipped by any sort of insect, which often leads to an allergic reaction.

The songstress even posted a before and after photo of her canine to show the drastic way the dog's face blew up, but let us know that while it was a terrifying couple of hours, Penny is just fine. Whew!

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