Carrie Underwood's 2018 CMA Awards were emotional. She took home her fifth win for Female Vocalist of the Year — commemorated with a tear-filled acceptance speech — and had one of the most buzzed about moments when she dropped the news that she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting a baby boy.

After a playful back and forth with co-host Brad Paisley where he asked if she's carrying a "Waylon or a Willie," confused, she confessed: "It's a Willie."

Underwood suffered three miscarriages over the course of two years, so she and Fisher were over the moon to learn this pregnancy is healthy.

"We were just so excited. It took us a while to get here, and we were just feeling so blessed," she remarked backstage, fighting back tears. "And then to find out Isaiah is going to have a baby brother, it was just great news."

Carrie Had a Top 5 Moment From the 2018 CMA Awards

Underwood has long been boasted as a vocal powerhouse, but along the way, she's earned a few other titles, like working mother. Reflecting on her life as a mom to 3-year-old Isaiah, the singer admits she hopes to be an influential figure in her own children's lives, but also to other women working to provide for their children.

"I'm honored to get to hold some pretty incredible titles, and mom is definitely one of them," she says, still emotional. "I'm excited that they get to see their mom do that and see me on stage. Hopefully I can be an inspiration to my children and to other working moms out there, because we got this."

Underwood hasn't shared a due date for her second son, but she's given herself an ample window of time after his arrival to prepare for her Cry Pretty Tour 360 with Runaway June and Maddie & Tae. That tour launches in May of 2019, taking them across North America for most of the year.

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