Couples Court

Couples Court: Is Marrying Him Worth Her Inheritance?
Couples say it all the time: "I wouldn't trade you for a million dollars!" But they're usually talking hypothetically. What if you really did have to give up a million dollars -- or more! -- to be with the one you love? That's what this week's Couples Court plaintiff is…
Women Shouldn't Finish Their Plate On a First Date?
Anybody who's had to re-enter the dating world knows how confusing and overwhelming it can be. One minute you're cocooned on the couch with your spouse, the next you're single and trying to figure out what to wear on a date.
It's amazing how different it all is from how you remember it. It seems more…
Just roomies, right?
Nobody would dispute that male-female friendships can be complicated. Even platonic friendships, where no expectations of romance exist.
But when there's a third person involved -- especially one who has some expectations of romance -- things can get really sticky.
This week's Couples Court …

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