Downtown Summer Nights

Americana On Tap at This Week's Downtown Summer Nights
Whether you're a refugee from working too many hours or seeking some of that famous Yakima Valley sunshine, you're in luck tonight (July 20). There'll be plenty of both as Downtown Summer Nights welcomes Jeff Crosby & the Refugees plus Bootleg Sunshine to the outdoor stage on …
Music in the Air
This Thursday night downtown Yakima will have music in the air from The BGP and Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys for Downtown Summer Nights. Get a sneak preview of these awesome bands.
Seahawks Truck At Downtown Summer Nights Hauled Hawk Pride
Downtown Summer Nights was, naturally, a hit this week (June 22). What a blast! We had so many people there it was incredible! And every direction I turned, there was someone with a Seahawks jersey, T-shirt or even shoes. Seahawk fans are everywhere, even in the middle of the summer at Downtown Summ…
Downtown Summer Nights Starts With a Splash [PHOTOS]
With clouds looming and rain pattering, Thursday night's Downtown Summer Nights opening started out looking pretty ugly. But as the music started, the skies brightened -- and all of a sudden everything started looking like a lot more fun.
Yakima's Entice the Mice followed by Portland's Scott Pemberto…

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