Even Caylee Hammack's cover songs are originals. The country singer and 2019 Taste of Country RISER has released several official singles, but many more have been captured during live, acoustic performances. These are the Top 5 Caylee Hammack songs, so far.

"Family Tree" is Hammack's debut single, released to country radio in 2018. Luke Bryan may have had a hand in encouraging her to move to Nashville, but her path was not gilded. In fact, it was hardly even paved. A childhood cancer scare, a spell of homelessness upon moving to Music City and a house fire after she settled are three obstacles this hard-working singer and songwriter has overcome. Unlike so many of her peers that gain success on social media first, Hammack cut her teeth on stage, including at Tootsie's World Famous Orchid Lounge on Lower Broadway.

There she learned how to deliver an original cover song, and in Nashville, she sharpened her songwriting skills. Both are on display throughout this list of the five best Caylee Hammack songs. A cover of "I Will Survive" makes this list, but an expanded playlist of her songs (see above) also includes a great remake of a Tom Petty classic.

Originals like "Redhead," "Preciatcha" and "Just Friends" showcase her dynamic mix of soul, rock, punk and pure country music. Scroll down to read more about each of her Top 5 songs and enjoy a playlist of all of our favorites as you introduce yourself to an artist that's sure to stick around throughout the roaring '20s.

See the Top 5 Caylee Hammack Songs:

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