Chase Rice is as vulnerable as you've ever heard him on "Eyes on You," the second single from his Lambs & Lions album.

The honest love song is a simple reminder to Rice's love interest that the best part about being in any room is having her there. Songwriters Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano join Rice to paint a picture of two world travelers that would be just as happy at home beneath a sunset. There's nothing tricky about the piano-led ballad. If you're holding your breath for a twist, you're going to pass out before it comes.

Now 32, Rice has clearly evolved as a singer and songwriter. While once he led with testosterone-fueled good-time anthems, he's doing his best to ensure the more thoughtful side of his artistry stands under the spotlight. Rice has grouped "Eyes on You" among the most important songs he's ever written, which is meaningful for a guy with his own platinum hits ("Ready Set Roll") and Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" in his catalog. This is indicative of where he's headed.

Did You Know?: Chase Rice tore his pectoral muscle filming the snowboarding scenes of this music video. It happened during the very last run of the last day of shooting.

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Chase Rice's "Eyes on You" Lyrics:

We've been to both Carolina's / Seen a big Montana sky / Driven up and down the coast a few times / London, Paris, paradise / But I ain't got much memory of the scenes come to think / I miss them all every damn time / It's all your fault.

No matter where we go / No matter what we do / If you're there girl, I've got my eyes on you / Don't matter where we've been / No there ain't no better view / Than you in my arms with my eyes on you / With my eyes on you.

Speaking of the coast, remember Pfeiffer beach / You and me, that sunset, cliffs by the sea / And the night rolled in / And you still talk about that moon that I can't recall / But God I saw / All I needed too / Might as well have stayed in the room /

Don't you remember Times Square / And people counting down everywhere / Two thousand whatever, no I didn't care / 'Cause baby you were there / And once again / Couldn't help but stare.

Halfway around the world / Or the local corner booth / Yeah you guessed it girl / You know I got my eyes on you / We could be on any street / Any party, any room / I'll be there all night with my eyes on you / Don't matter where we've been / No there ain't no better view / Than you in my arms with my eyes on you.

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