Chase Rice recently gave one young fan a day he'll never forget, and even if he does, it's captured in the "Three Chords & the Truth" video.

Eight-year-old Nicholas Thompson is struggling to fight hemophilia with injections and frequent trips to see his doctors. He finds comfort in country music, but especially in Chase Rice, who is one of his favorite artists. The singer's "Three Chords & the Truth" video finds Rice searching for a deserving young fan to give a guitar to.

"There's a lot of people out there who can't afford to get into music like I did or love music and can't afford a guitar," Rice explains at the start of the music video. "I want to take the opportunity to give back and hopefully have a shot at changing a kid's life. For me, music is everything."

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In the five-minute clip — shot during Rice's Lambs and Lions Tour — he's looking for the perfect fan. He findsNicholas through an online search and decides to visit him, showing up to his home with a new guitar. He even teaches Nicholas how to play a D-chord.

“This is the greatest day of my life,” the little boy said. The video was directed by Brian Lazzaro and shows Rice's sensitive side as he bonds with his 8-year-old fan.

“I thought, we could do the same old crap that everybody’s doing, that I’ve done before, with this music video or we could do something bigger and more special and hopefully change a kid’s life and his family’s life, and that’s the route I wanted to go,” Rice says in a press release.

"Three Chords & The Truth" is featured on his new album, Lambs & Lions, out Nov. 17.

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