I've been the nerd of my family since before I could remember, my brothers loved cartoons and comic books but as they got older they were into hunting, girls, and their truck. I, however, was a little different, I was into comics, Video Games, Girls, and my truck. So similar interests but at the same time drastically different.

Something in me growing up stayed connected to the comic books, I had grown up reading them and learned what I consider to be important life lessons. Some people see comics as childish and goofy but they took on serious issues and described them in a way anyone could understand. Video games were another home away from home, playing online with friends and putting in endless hours to storylines that left you close to tears.

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As an adult with my first extra room, I decided on dedicating it to all my favorite things, comics, gaming, and everything nerdy. I have an entire desk dedicated to gaming, with a monitor, PS5, and a laptop to stream it all. I added more of my favorite things like Funko pops, an actual piece of wood from the bar in "It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia", and of course a collection of games I'm currently playing.

Over on the wall, we have some of my favorite posters, the Batman poster is from the animated movie "Mask Of The Phantasm" which is signed by Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman, the caped crusader himself. Next to it is another prized possession a graded copy of "The Killing Joke" which I have tattooed on my arm. Followed by signed prints of comic book artist Neal Adams. I also got my hands on an actual theater poster from the Movie "The Joker" thanks to my girlfriend's mom.

On the opposite wall, I have a shelf filled with Batman and Joker Funko Pops with a Rick Sanchez Funko...Rick travels between dimensions so the idea is Jokers Vs Batmen... as I said, total nerd. I also have a signed poster from Todd Mcfarlane who drew iconic issues of Spider-Man and also created Spawn.

Overall my favorite thing is when the lights are off and the room is lit up by my Green Lantern, Deadpool head, and strip lights. It really brings the room together if you ask me.

None of this was possible without my girlfriend's help who not only gave me the okay to turn the guest room into my Nerd-Cave but also helped me put it all together. If you have your own man cave make sure to send me pictures! I love seeing everyone's collection of stuff, whether it's nerdy or not.

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