Yes, it was a very interesting, and funny Saturday afternoon, when a thunderstorm rolled through in Yakima. I was busy cleaning up a couple of rooms in the house. I was contemplating where the first Chick-fil-a will be in Central Washington when the wind picked up and the clouds were turning dark and the air was hot and humid. I came out to the living room, where my 90-year old father was watching the weather change rapidly.  From his chair, he was watching the 50-foot tree of the neighbors with its branches being moved by the force of the wind. He starts to comment about the tree branches that should have been trimmed off. Just as he was making his observation known. A gigantic gust of wind hits the tree and uproots it. I make a mad dash toward my dad who was sitting in his chair, doing his impression of Lt. Dan during the storm in Forrest Gump, watching the tree fall and hit the house. Once a Marine, always a Marine!


There were other reports from friends that experienced the trees falling. I hope everyone is doing well and the damage isn't too bad. But, hey we got stories to tell! Like downed trees in a thunderstorm is classified as a casualty of COVID-19. Oh, yeah the majority of the big branches are right over my bedroom! NO wood jokes! Come on we got you to smile.



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