Chris Janson has won praise for his current single, "Drunk Girl," a timely and sensitive song that champions respecting women in all circumstances. Now, he's released the official video for the song, which drives the point he's trying to make home visually with an affecting and simple storyline.

The new video, which tells the tale of one young woman's journey, features Chris playing piano in the middle of Nashville's Broadway Street interspersed with flashback scenes from the main character's life. We are shown the woman as a child being raised by a single mother, feeling dejected at a school "Daddy Daughter Dance" at which she is the only little girl who arrives with her mom. From there, we see her witness her mother being abused by a boyfriend. And, finally, she is shown in college, enduring an assault at a house party.

Janson's video concludes with a current-day vision of the woman enjoying drinks and laughing with a young man at a bar. At the end of the night, her date calls her a car for a solo ride home.

As she speculates to herself on the evening, she glances at her phone to read a sweet and chivalrous text: "I had such a great time with you tonight. Let me know when you're home safe."

The song hits home personally for Janson, who is a father of four children. "It's certainly a compelling track in the regard that it was written from a father's perspective. If my daughter were ever in that situation, the song is how I hope a young man would treat my daughter," he says.

Janson's "Drunk Girl" is the second single from his Everybody album that came out in September 2017.

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