Chris Janson went back to his professional beginnings to make the official music video for his latest song, "Drunk Girl." Readers can press play above to hear Janson talk about the video, and to see some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the clip.

Filmed in the wee hours of the morning on Lower Broadway in Nashville, the "Drunk Girl" music video finds Janson sitting at a white baby grand piano situated in the middle of the street. The crew set the instrument up across the street from where Janson's musical career began: the iconic bar Tootsie's.

"I begged the doorman to [let me] get up [onstage], and I got up and sang a Johnny Cash song, and that was all she wrote. I was a Nashvillian from then on, and I had a gig from then on," Janson recalls. "When you start here, because it's survival and you have to and you don't know anything else -- it was all about the music for me, it's always been all about the music for me, and really nothing else."

Jeff Venable directed the "Drunk Girl" music video, which intersperses shots of Janson playing that white baby grand piano with the story of a young woman who, when she was a child, watched her mother be abused -- and, when she was a little bit older, was sexually assaulted at a party. She's now out on a date with a new guy ... and this time, the ending is a good one.

"It's kind of like a homecoming reunion for me in a way, but in a very sentimental, cool way ... It means a lot to me," Janson says of coming back to Lower Broadway for the music video. "The "Drunk Girl" song is an important message. I wrote it with my kids in mind, with my daughters in mind, and I think it's a fitting place."

"Drunk Girl" is the latest single off Janson's 2017 album, Everybody.

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