The Best Chris Wars continue to divide the internet – is Chris Evans the superior of the Hollywood Chrises? No, it must be Hemsworth, right? Netflix’s new movie Outlaw King could finally end the epic battle, proving Chris Pine may just be the superior Chris.

Outlaw King, which kicked off the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday, gives Pine a few advantages over his superhero competitors. For one, he speaks in a pretty solid Scottish accent as Robert the Bruce, the famed warrior who fought the English to take back his homeland’s independence. In the movie he also sings Scottish hymns and wields a sword like a pro in a series of exceptionally grisly battles. But most importantly: He gets completely naked. And I don’t mean in a tease-y above-the-waist Wonder Woman nude scene. I’m talking 100 percent full frontal.

Before I reveal all the details (which is what you clicked on this post for, don’t deny it), it’s important to look back on the journey it took to get here, the evolution of the Chris Pine reveal, if you will. You may remember the scene from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman when Pine’s Steve Trevor bathes in the waters of Theymscira. Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince walks in on him buck naked. Her reaction is one of fascination and confusion.

“Would you say you’re a typical example of your sex?” she asks. Steve then promises he’s “above average.” But the PG-13 DC movie never corroborates that claim. As far as we know, Steve could totally be lying and Diana wouldn’t have a clue. Luckily, Outlaw King provides further details to help solve this pressing mystery.

In the movie, which reunites Pine with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie, Robert the Bruce leads an army against the English King Edward I (Stephan Dillane aka Stannis Baratheon). An early sex scene shows Pine and co-star Florence Pugh (the best part of the movie) mostly above the waist – with the exception of a butt close-up. Then, suddenly, half-way through the movie, amid buckets of bloody warfare, dead horses, and aggressive mud-covered warriors, Pine’s Robert takes a bath in a river. Mackenzie shows it all on camera.

So is Steve Trevor’s “above average” claim accurate? Honestly, it’s a bit difficult to tell. Partially because I was so in shock it took a second to register – there was a wave of quiet gasps across my TIFF opening night audience. The moment also happens so quickly, and is shown in a medium-wide shot, so it’s tough to see everything. But that’s exactly why Outlaw King is a perfect Netflix movie. In just a couple months, you too will be able to see what Wonder Woman saw, only with the advantage of pausing and screen-shotting Chris Pine in the privacy of your own home.

Outlaw King hits Netflix and select theaters on November 2.

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