If you didn't know a Super Mario Brothers Movie was announced in 2018, however, due to the pandemic it was put on a back burner while they tried to find the perfect script and cast. Now the latest trailer is here and we have a star-studded cast.

However, there's been some backlash on the casting choices, especially when it comes to the Italian Plumber himself. Super Mario will be played by none other than Chris Pratt the Lake Stevens local. However, people think the casting could have been a lot better and that Chris Pratt isn't the right person to play him, but we're gonna give you three reasons why he's perfect.

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3.) He Grew Up In Washington

Yes, Chris Pratt was born in Minnesota however, his family moved not long after to Lake Stevens Washington where Chris Pratt would grow up before adventuring toward his movie and television career. Why is this so important; well because Washington is also the birth of Super Mario.

2.) Super Mario was created in Washington 

In the early days of Nintendo, they were located in Seattle while renting a Warehouse to build the game. Not only did they create the character in Seattle, they actually named him after the businessman who owned multiple buildings in Seattle including the warehouse rented to Nintendo. There are stories of them missing rent or not having enough money and him letting them slide because he believed in what they were doing.

1.) He grew up with the Game

Chris Pratt was born in 1979, the original Nintendo was released in 1986 which means Chris Pratt grew up with the infamous character and has even recalled spending countless nights playing all of the games. Now, these two who grew from the Pacific North West and became household names will become one.

Check out the full trailer below

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