This Christmas Video game companies are pulling out all the stops, making special events you can take advantage of this holiday break! A lot of games are giving away a lot of free in-game loot you can only get by playing the events.

Santa is visiting all the big games this year including mobile games. we'll show you alist so you can get in on all of the fun.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific

This year Call of Duty is dipping its toes into the winter wonderland. They've added little elves all over the map, if you hunt them down they'll give you special Christmas loot that will give you blueprints to special holiday guns, skins, and more! They also added the German folklore of Krampus into the game as he tries to hunt you down you'll have to do everything you can to fight back. They also have a bunch of in-app purchases of special skins you can only get this holiday.

Pokemon Go

Once again, Pokemon is taking the world by storm with their Holiday event, find special Pokemon wearing Christmas sweaters, hats, and more! Follow the special Christmas events to get holiday skins and stickers for your character.


Not only is everything covered in snow and filled with Christmas lights and presents at every turn, but now there's a bunch of new and old skins coming to the shop for you to buy to really get you into the Christmas spirit. The special events change every day, finish the quests and get presents from Santa himself. Skins, Emotes, guns, and tools all for free! Not only is Christmas in full swing in Fortnite but Spider-man and M.J are there to celebrate with you being the newest additions into the game, celebrating the release of Spider-Man No Way home.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Starting on December 24th, Christmas Eve you'll be able to play the special Christmas Event. Players will be able to enjoy the new snowfall, snowball fights, snowmen building, and special winter recipes you'll only be able to get this Christmas. Join with friends and play now!

Among Us

The video game that took the world by storm during covid is quickly gaining more and more players with their new Christmas event, giving new edits for your characters and in gameplay, including snow, snowballs, and snowmen. Find the imposter among your friends and win big this Christmas!


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