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Earlier today (May 14), the City of Yakima dropped a news release reminding community members that cruising is not permitted at this time in Yakima.
Last year, the Yakima City Council adopted an ordinance that only allowed for "open cruising" on certain Saturdays in June through September. Last weekend, Last it was almost impossible to get from one end of Yakima Avenue to the other because of a high volume of people congregating to cruise and observe.

That, according to Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler, "violated the City’s cruising control ordinance. People gathering in groups on sidewalks and in parking lots was in violation of orders from the governor concerning COVID-19 that restrict the size of social gatherings.”

The official reminder of the policy also reiterated that a violation of the ordinance could be punishable with a $100 fine and that law enforcement can also cite motorists for traffic violations as well as "Looky-Loos" and others for trespassing on private property, i.e., parking lots, etc.

According to the official statement, no individual or group has applied for a cruising event permit for this year.
Conversely, a coalitions of citizens, Yakima Valley Alliance, are organizing an event to gather and support local businesses this weekend.

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