There's a grieving process when it comes to breakups. There's pain, anger and regret, but eventually there's acceptance. Clay Walker has accepted that his love is long gone in his latest single "Catching Up With an Ol' Memory."

But don't go feeling sorry for him — he has learned to live with this new reality, and on occasion, he stirs up those old memories.

"Like to come in here alone, turn it on, every once in a while / Stir up somethin' strong, get gone, let the past come alive / I ain't hidin' or lyin' or tryin' to drown any pain / I just want a little moment between me and the good old days," Walker sings in the opening verse.

Thoughts of the past have become bitter, and yet, comforting. Although the sting of loneliness is still present, there's also an appreciation of the good times — gratitude for having a love like that in the first place.

"Don't know what it is, what it is, but what it is / Girl, I still miss you / Something good, so good about this place brings me right back here with you / Yeah, we'd lean it back, light it up, tip it up till they asked us to leave / If you see me drinking alone tonight don't feel sorry for me / 'Cause I'm just catching up with an ol' memory / Catching up with an ol' memory."

"Catching Up With an Ol' Memory" is the second single from Walker's 12th studio album, Texas to Tennessee, following "Need a Bar Sometimes." Released on July 30, 2021, the album was recorded in both Nashville and Galveston, Texas, which is where the title comes from.

Walker is on the road right now with shows, fairs and festivals scheduled through October. He will join Tracy Lawrence for a joint mini-tour in March. The nine-date run will feature the two country pillars playing hits from their tenured careers. Walker and Lawrence has been friends for years.

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